About us

Rach and Kent


We live in Australia and My(in)Sanity is our family business.

She is a globetrotting, computer engineer, project manager, designer, untamed cook extraordinaire and seasoned world traveling backpacker. The world is her home, and she has traveled it three times over, one could say.

The idea of selling designs and photography came from her necessity to make money while on the road. She is the creative mind behind the invitations. Inspiration comes from her own drawings, electronic art and from combining images purchased from other talented artists. She also used her nerd tech skills to build this site.

He is a musician, mindful daydreamer, jack of all trades. More importantly he is our playfully serious resident wordsmith and all round assistant for the day to day running of My Insanity.

We are partners in life and in business. My(in)Sanity allows us to have more time at home with our little daughter, who loves giving suggestions and help with the “art”. Our little art director is the brains behind some of our invitations, such as The UniPuppy invitation – created especially for her 5th birthday.

Thank you for purchasing our invitations and supporting a small family business!

Rachel & Kent

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