Avocado Baby Shower Invitation

Avocado Baby Shower Invitation

Holy Guacamole! Avocado Baby Shower Invitation

Introducing our incredibly smooth avocado baby shower design.  It features a very cute avocado couple and his/her other half.  They are nursing their little avocado seed.

Holy guacamole! This rich in flavor avocado baby shower invitation is absolutely ripe to make your baby shower very special.

* Due to copyright reasons, fonts used on the printed invitations may be different from those used on the digital invitation.  Nevertheless, you will be able to review the printed invitation design on the product page at the Print on Demand site. To clarify the image on this page is the Digital file.

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Matching Avocado Baby Shower Supplies 

We also created a whole line of matching items because our avocado baby shower is a smashing success!  We got stickers, party favours, decorations and more. Check them out in our print on demand store.  

Buying this invitation printed

Need invitations ready made for your special events but have no time? You can finally spare yourself last minute distractions by buying these designed with love invitations printed.

Buy online then  receive high quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides. Invitations can also be purchased on 12 unique paper types, different shapes and colors to suit your design needs.

In this case you will be customising the party invitations by yourself, directly on the product page.  

Important – Please note that when you chose to buy Printed Invitations:

  • You customize the design yourself, it is easy and fun.
  • The Print on Demand company is in charge of returns and exchanges.
  • There is a shipping fee. The Print on Demand company is responsible for shipping the items to you.

See all conditions on the Print on Demand website.

Buying the digital file

When you can’t wait and want to print the invitation at home or simply send it by email or SMS as an electronic invitation.  A digital file is generally the best option! 

Our digital invitations are now powered by Corjl™ so you will be able to edit your items at Corjl.com right after your purchase.

You will not need fancy tool nor to download any software.  In fact, with Corjil™ you can personalize your item right in your browser using a computer or make basic edits using your mobile device (iOS or Android).

You will be editing the design yourself and will be able to download the file straightaway.  Corjl also allows you to format the downloaded file to include trim marks and as many copies in a page as possible. Files can be downloaded as soon as you finish in either pdf or jpg. 

The invitations can be changed and downloaded as many times as you want within a period of six months from your purchase! 

Important: Please note that in case you chose to buy the digital file: 

  • We strongly recommend you review the DEMO of the design prior to the purchase. You can find the link on the product listing. 
  • We do not offer customisation services nor changes to the design. You will be in charge of changing the party details. 
  • No Printed items will be shipped to you because this is a digital product.

Please refer to the product listing for all conditions. 

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