Cat Unicorn Tea Party Invitation

Cat Unicorn Tea Party Invitation

Cat Unicorn Tea Party Invitation

Meowgical Cat Unicorn Tea Party! So we have to let the cat out of the bag on this one. The cat unicorn tea party invitation has landed! No pussy footing around we promise… as the two cutest animals (kitty and a unicorn) come together to make…you guessed it…the kittycorn.

The puurrrfect tea party invitation. An extravaganza of wonder and fantasy. Now we know this meowgical creature is rarely seen around these parts but we have it on good authority that they are not extinct and they love a good cuppa tea!

So make sure the mice are away so this cat can play and give your little kitten the great tea party they deserve with this fantastic uniquely designed  cat unicorn invitation.

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Buy Printed Invitations

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Important: Please note, in case you chose to buy Printed Invitations from my Zazzle store:

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Matching Items

You can find matching items to go with the Meowgical Catcorn Tea Party Invitation Invitation such as napkins, paper cups and even sweet treats in my Zazzle store. Check here the whole collection:

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